Delivery management app for restaurants and courier services

Want 500 free last mile deliveries?

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Automated Dispatching

Automatically pair new orders with free couriers. Save time and increase your efficiency. You can do it manually as well.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Live tracking of every courier by their GPS on their phone! This allows for accurate ETAs provided for costumers and more control over your fleet.

Integrate all orders

Live tracking of every courier by their GPS on their phone! This allows for accurate ETAs provided for costumers and more control over your fleet.

Automated Route Planning

Sendi makes sure all deliveries and couriers are assigned with the best and most efficient routes. This saves you time as well as fuel.

Costumer Experience

Delight Customers with predictive ETAs and an option to review their couriers. this will decrease complains and incease returing orders

Courier Review System

Allow your customers to review their experience with every delivery, this data is viewable to the restaurant manager only and allows you to improve your customer experience.

500 free last mile deliveries

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40% Delivery increase reported

working with sendi is easier and more comfortable than the other delivery companies I have worked with. The app is simple & easy. the client base that is accumulated inside it makes the work easier every day. since we've started - the delivery volume increased by 40%
Badra Restaurant

improved service experience

Since we've started working with sendi our delivery world instantly became a quite, clear and accurate place. The service level we provide got upgraded tenfold and therefore our delivery volume got increased by over 30%! sendi is a GIFT to every restaurant!
Eran Vauksna
Burgers Restaurant

Quick installation & peace of mind!

The work with sendi requires almost ZERO attention - only a few seconds each time. No need for effort or even customer service like other companies I have worked with
Shushi Place Owner

Frequently asked questions is a delivery management app. The app lets you better manage your deliveries and couriers. It fits for restaurants and every other business that provides deliveries to clients’ houses.

Businesses who hire couriers. The app is optimal for every business with 3 or more couriers, restaurants, E-Commerce stores, grocery stores, delivery companies, food chains. It’s for every business who performs deliveries or want to start doing deliveries in a correct and healthy way.

Sendi app can be downloaded from google play or the app store. There is an app for restaurant managers and an app for the couriers.

You can start managing your deliveries within 5 minutes of downloading the app. You will receive full guidance from our representatives for the onboarding.

There are various ways:
– Manually inserting client phone number and address
– Using our API
– Uploading a sheet document in a special format

Sure! The client is able to see the courier’s live location on the map. That is available for a specific client only when he/she is the next immediate stop (most couriers will have multiple drops due to our advanced route planning).

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