Vector The food delivery staff ride motorcycles to deliver food during a confinement in the home from the corona virus.

How to become a delivery empire without breaking the bank?

10 years ago, only a small per cent of all the restaurants were making deliveries.

At that time, making a delivery of a pizza, hamburger ir sushi withing 60 minutes was considered a success.

However, with today’s growing competition, movement restrictions and customer’s love for eating at home – it becomes hard for restaurants to remain competitive.

The customer’s demands become greater – faster deliveries, no patience.

If that’s not enough, big brands live delivery and Ubereats dominate the market and increasing the customer expectations. They have the money, but what can you do?

How can a restaurant keep up the new customer standards?

“Live Courier Tracking – with ETAs”

You don’t need to hire a developer and invest ten thousands of dollars to match the big brand standards!

With – you can easily match with their experience while not having to break the bank. lets you:

  • Manage & Track your couriers
  • Create orders digitally
  • Automatically dispatch and couple a courier with a new order
  • Send live ETAs to clients
  • Track couriers by GPS
  • Let customer’s review every experience
  • See statistics about your efficiency

We encourage you to give it a go! You’ll get 30-days of free trial to see how it works and already improve your results and repeat orders!

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